ELO.WATR II, HYBRID WORKSHOP - FROM MARCH 27th TO 31st, 2024 (Natal, Brazil)

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the International Workshop on Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation for Water Reuse (ELO.WatR) that will be held as hybrid event in Natal, Brazil.

The website will be regularly updated with new information. Do not hesitate to contact us for any requests or additional information at elowatr2022@gmail.com


Upon the wide success of the 1st edition of ELO.WatR (September 15th-17th, 2020, converted as virtual event due to pandemic situation), it has been decided to keep continue organizing ELO.WatR. We are happy to announce you that Professor Carlos MARTINEZ-HUITLE and his team (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil) will organize the 2nd edition of ELO.WatR as hybrid format from March 27th to 31st, 2024.

Electrochemical advanced oxidation processes have been widely studied by scientists for the last 30 years in applications for water and wastewater treatment.

The novel advanced materials play a key role in electrocatalysis enhancement to promote oxidants formation through both oxygen reduction and evolution reactions. Multifunctional materials have been also recently developed to combine reactions with separation mechanisms in hybrid multi-step treatment systems. Life span of such materials need further improvement, when considering long-term use for industrial applications.

In parallel, the new knowledge in degradation and mineralization mechanisms in real effluents, including intermediates identification / quantification and their related ecotoxicity / biodegradability, gives important information towards the development strategy for real applications. Complete reaction pathways would better help establish the link between applied operating conditions, by-products molecular structure and associated biodegradability.

Furthermore, the use of electrochemical engineering tools for upscaling those processes become crucial for a better optimization of reactions and separations mechanisms through reactor design and hydrodynamics studies combined with modeling. This discipline also remain important when considering both electro-separation and electro-conversion in hybrid processes that are emerging.

Upon the exciting new scientific and technological insights in this area of research, the goal of this second international workshop is to keep continue developing those electrochemical technologies for challenging applications in water and wastewater treatment and reuse by gathering the community around the three main complementary topics:

- Material sciences & interface studies

- (Electro)-chemical reactions & kinetics

- Electrochemical engineering & industrial applications


Examples of applications considered are:

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Water and wastewater reuse
  • Water and wastewater disinfection
  • Nutrient recovery from water and wastewater
  • Valorization of value-added organic compounds from water and wastewater
  • Water-energy nexus
  • ...


A novelty will be brought with this 2nd edition, by proposing tutorials related to ELO.WatR topics and about complementary skills/tools to promote success of such electrochemical systems at industrial scales. Example of tutorials that will be proposed:

  • Electrochemical engineering for sizing reactors and upscale the processes
  • Life cycle assessment
  • ...




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